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The Sport of Gymkhana




DEFINITION (Wilipedia):  Gymkhana is a term used in the United Kingdom, and United States... to describe an equestrian event consisting of timed games for riders on horses. In the western United States, this type of competition is usually called an "O-Mok-See" (also spelled O Mok See or "Omoksee") competition, a term derived from a Native American phrase meaning "games on horseback."

Gymkhana and O-Mok-See classes include timed speed events such as barrel racing, keyhole, keg race (also known as "down and back"), flag race, and pole bending, etc.


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The events of gymkhana are varied. Some favor speed, some favor agility. All favor those with a good relationship with their horse

CGA separates riders into speed division and by age. As a result, a rider competes against others of similar ability. As you and your horse get better, you will move up the divisions so that you will continue to compete against riders of similar ability. More information on the times for each division may be found in the The Rating Matrix

Thirteen events to challenge you and your horse.

CGA is committed to providing opportunity to anyone who can sit on a horse, regardless of age, ability, or personal challenges. Even the youngest rider can enjoy Gymkhana in the Lead Line Division. Some of the top riders in the state started out holding onto the saddle horn and waving to the crowd while being led around the course on a lead rope.

The Thirteen Regular Events

Each day show usually involves half of the events centered around either Barrels or Quadrangle.
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