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   Daughter Lindsay jumping 3' on Makani

I think most of us have experienced the all-to-common barn politics, attitudes, required memberships, etc... and when we do, it often diminishes what most of us desire to be a relaxing, enjoyable, rewarding and fun experience but rather creates unwanted pressure and stress. Well, we're here for you.

Our goal is to provide a family-friendly and relaxing environment for you to enjoy your equestrian time, whether it's serious competition or just pleasure. No pressures, judgement or drama. We expect all to respect each other, and welcome all to share and encourage each other... whether one rides a $1000 pony just for pleasure or a $40,000 warmblood in competition. We believe we're all in it together, and none of us is superior to each other. Some are just more experienced or more well trained, and have more knowledge to share and pass on, when asked.

We treat you like family.

We plan on holding numerous events throughout the year, from low-key gymkhanas to clinics. We will host several "introductory days" for 1st-time riders, as well as American West 4D barrel racing and english dressage and jumping events.




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